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Shannon is a freelance writer, a peruser of literature epic and mundane, a poser artist and an out-of-work corruptor of the youth awaiting a call noble enough to merit her attention.

Cole professes on the study of women, administrates same, and both in person and in print, is busily making visible the subtle workings of the hegemony through performances of bodily spectacle.

They met one day by a random chance when Shannon appeared on the frozen cornfield while keeping a promise to help a friend check out a graduate program in the Midwest. She showed up wearing leather pants in Cole's office and they exchanged email addresses, after which a long-distance, but precipitous flirtation ensued. Fortunately, it was very nearly spring break, and Cole said she had to do some research in Shannon's town of Washington, DC (a charming, but transparent cover story). Cole came, did a lot of research on Shannon, and, liking what she discovered, flew home again with plans to find a cheaper long-distance phone company and sign up for that frequent flier program. Six months later, Shannon started shopping for wedding dresses online. During a visit Cole made so that they could march in protest of the IMF and World Bank together, Cole proposed. When Shannon said yes, Cole didn't believe her. "No, I'm serious!" she insisted. "So am I!" Shannon insisted back, and explained her secret plan to propose to Cole the next day. But Cole wouldn't believe her until the next day came, and sure enough, Shannon proposed back.

Unlike a lot of our queer brothers and sisters, we do not claim to have married each other in order to "show the world that we're just like everyone else." We are in fact, like no one else on the planet, and we had a wedding to celebrate that, and to celebrate the miracle that two one-of-a-kind, fabulous people and about 75 of their one-of-a-kind fabulous friends have all managed to find each other among the ignorant armies of this darkling plain, and, looking each other in the eyes, have declared against all odds, "family!"

Having, between us, lived in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, the U.K., Kansas, New Jersy, Trinidad, L.A., San Francisco, Washington, DC, Colorado and Iowa, we now reside together on the wind-bitten prairie of Illinois, where we watch a lot of t.v., eat a lot of sushi, drink a lot of tea and naively hope for the revolution.

We are currently expecting to expect our first child, through adoption, which should happen in one to two years. We have a bet. Cole says sooner, Shannon worries too much and fears later. Either way, however, we will be parents one of these days.

The baby's name will be Nat.

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